quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011


Let it be
I'm leaving this room for some while. I just can't image how i wasted so much time looking for someone who just can't exist. Self-steam, glory, love, or somekind of feeling that make me a little more happy. I'm leaving this search, these possibilities of find someone that i already know how is, how love me, how walk, how watch me. This isn't healthy! I've always tried to just be myself, on my own, alone and strong, strong like a piece of rock. But i'm green, i'm sick, i'm down and i'm not fine. I feel tired, i feel like a living-dead. Some while, some place to get rest, some peace... i would like some beach and friends, i'd like to laugh, at least once in this week. I feel like i were getting close. Close from my border-line.
I'm sorry my dear Hobbes, i think it's too late for me. It doesn't matter anymore

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